Integrated management systems policy

Leading the Circular Economy as an integrating part of the Paper and Board Life Cycle

PAPELERAS DEL ARLANZÓN, S.A. brings to the manufacture of each product the centenary experience of its know-how and the guarantee of an institution that applies strict control and safety mechanisms. Our activities are focused on the production of paper for cardboard boxes and the necessary actions as Final Non-Hazardous Waste Manager, leading the Circular Economy as an integral part of the Life Cycle of paper and cardboard.

The Management of PAPELERAS DEL ARLANZÓN, S.A. is firmly committed to the social, economic and environmental impact of its activity, adopting a sustainability strategy based on the Values that characterise it and which constitute the reference framework on which the execution of quality products and services is based, establishing continuity plans and ensuring continuous improvement in its management.

This Policy, which the Management subscribes to and assumes, is structured as a transversal practice in which the entire organisation is involved, in accordance with the main International Standards, through the process approach, the practice of the Plan-Do-Check and Act cycle, continuous improvement and risk-based analysis as a tool for identifying opportunities for improvement.

The performance principles to which it is committed are as follows:

  • To manage resources in a transparent and efficient manner, in order to obtain adequate profitability and income to ensure short and long term viability.
  • To offer its clients quality products and services with the agreed requirements and deadlines, advising them honestly, maintaining due confidentiality and privacy of their data.
  • To have a systematic system for the resolution of suggestions and complaints, listening to their opinion and solving any problems that may arise in an agile and satisfactory manner.
  • Establish a relationship of trust with suppliers, subcontractors, other external collaborators and interest groups, based on transparency, honesty, truthfulness, objectivity and impartiality and maintain the due confidentiality and privacy of their data. Collaborate and share knowledge by encouraging the development of joint projects for mutual benefit.
  • Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those voluntarily assumed with the different interested parties, and ensure that activities and operations are carried out in accordance with legal requirements, assessing compliance and correcting non-conformities related to such compliance.
  • To guarantee the protection of people, the environment, goods and facilities, combining the human element and technological systems and means, as well as quality in production processes.
  • Maintain a respectful and preventive approach to the environment, minimising the environmental impact of our activities, products and services, with the correct use and management of natural resources, waste and raw materials,

The Management of PAPELERAS DEL ARLANZÓN, S.A. assumes the commitment to implement a management system that covers the whole organisation and all the activities, supporting with all the means at its disposal the actions that are defined, requiring the staff of the company to support this Policy, reinforcing the Values that constitute the hallmarks of identity of Papeleras del Arlanzón, S.A.

Environmental performance of Papeleras del Arlanzón S. A.

The environmental performance results are indicated by the level of Carbon Dioxide Emissions emitted, as shown in the graph below.

Environmental performance of Papeleras del Arlanzón S. A.